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There’s life in the old cat yet

Like Mark Twain wrote many moons ago “rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated”. Like the Monty Python sketch where the pet shop owner tried manfully to argue “He’s not...

Ladies GAA

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It’s a real family affair for the Sheridan’s at the Paidi O’Se Tournament

For most GAA clubs it really is a family affair with brothers/sisters, cousins all togging out for the same team. Mullahoran Ladies are no different but maybe a little special. The club from South Cavan...


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What can be done about the late postponements in the GAA?

So picture the scene. You’re an Offaly football fan waking up on Sunday morning to make the long trek of 3 and a half hours to Derry for the counties’ division 3 National League game. While...

Super 8s Podcast

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“Stand-off in 2009 was the beginning of the end” Super8s Podcast

  On this week’s Super8s Podcast host Doron Harte mentioned the stand-off Westmeath footballers had in 2010 which led to the resignation of their manager Brendan Hackett. O’hAilpin had a similar...

Secret Hurler

Don't Call It a Comeback
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Don’t Call It a Comeback

Like many of you, I lived through the birth and death of the Celtic Tiger. I remember being a boy in 1980’s Ireland and there wouldn’t have been much spare cash in our household. Don’t get me wrong,...