10 Sunday League What’s App Excuses

10 Sunday League What's App Excuses

Excuse 1

Excuse: Ah sorry lads vomiting bug ripped through house last night, can’t make it! Best of luck lads

Real Reason: Seen that there was about 16 available knew he didnt have a hope of getting a game


Excuse 2


Excuse: Forgot I had woman’s family around! Bollox anyways sees ye training.

Real Reason: Prick just trying to get on with woman’s dad who has 300 acres


Excuse 3


Excuse: Sorry lads thought game was at 2 absolutely raging I am.. How did it go?

Real Reason: Never going to game knew well time of game as he was chatting gaffa about it in pub night before.


Excuse 4


Excuse: Stuck in work lads sorry fuckin hate this job. 3 points are ours lads BOL

Real Reason: Dipstick wouldn’t work on batteries, on the beer previous night.


Excuse 5


Excuse: The father needed a lift to mass no one else around sorry missed game lads you know how he is.. Unlucky today boys

Real Reason: Closet Priest loves going to Mass using father as excuse


Excuse 6


Excuse: Not 100% with hamstring lads going to rest it up another week to be sure see you all at training. P.S Heads on from the Start

Real Reason: On the beer and has phantom injuries every week, a decent player when he turns up but not unless its a cup final.


Excuse 7


Excuse: Away for the weekend sorry lads forgot to mention it. Would love to be there!

Real Reason: Going out with an absolute mess but mad about her thinks everyone loves here, deluded.


Excuse 8


Excuse: Sorry lads GAA match at 11:30 can’t make it, its a Div 5 league game managers a thick cunt

Real Reason: Can’t Make either Soccer or GAA Team Div 5 manager hoping he chooses soccer.


Excuse 9


Excuse: Ah lads was waiting down the Statoil for yee’s no sign of ye at 9:05 went home reckoned game was off sorry.. who won?

Real Reason: Just a lazy ba*stard never left the bed all weekend


Excuse 10


Excuse: Who we playing next week gaffa will be around for that defo sorry went out for a few turned into a great session, ah sure ya know me boys no will power.

Real Reason: Actually true the man is average at soccer but loved by everyone because of his sweet left foot.

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