10 things that tell us you are a Fitzgibbon hurler

Fitzgibbon hurler


10 things that tell us you are a Fitzgibbon hurler

  1. You live in a house with four or five other hurlers. There is nothing but training gear all over the house. There will be about 20 hurls inside the front door. Not a college book in sight!
  2. You convince yourself that you will put the head down and study once the Fitz is over. Hurling is priority now, but the study will start after the campaign has finished. Before you know it, the College year is over and you are looking at repeats again in the summer time.
  3. You walk around the College in GAA gear 24/7. It will be either the new college gear or the recent county top that was handed out. It is important that people know you are a hurler.
  4. The only reason you come into college is to go training. If it were not for training, you would not be in the College at all.
  5. The only healthy meals you eat is after a match. You will try your best to get two dinners out of it if you can.
  6. Rag week is here and you are drinking water. There is a big Fitz game on towards the end of the week so you have to stay off the drink.
  7. The lecturer you have is mad into GAA; you drop it into conversation at every opportunity that you are on the Fitz team. You make sure you have the county top on during every lecture!
  8. The women love you or so you think! You can be seen walking around thinking, you are God’s gift to women – in reality; most of the women have not a clue who you are and do not care that you play Fitz!
  9. The Fitz friend you have doing the same course as you is out and you know nobody else in the class. You spend all your time with the hurlers that you have no other friends on your course!
  10. Training is called for 7 a.m. you are so tired after training that you go home and go to bed for the day! Well able to get up for hurling training at 7 a.m. but not a hope of making a lecturer at nine!

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