Team USA retain International King’s Cup despite Irish fightback on final day


Day 3 and the final day of the International King’s Cup was the singles matches. Team Ireland staged a fightback to defeat Team USA but it wasn’t enough to wrestle the cup back from them. Due to good leads after days 1 and 2, Team USA were able to claim a third cup win in a row. It’s now 3 tournament wins each.

Sportstalk are delighted to be official media partners for this tournament; a huge step forward for our independent media team.

Results from Day 3

William ORNE (Team USA) 22 v 14 Joe KEENAN (Team Ireland)

Mike WHITE (Team USA) 18 v 18 Dermot MURPHY (Team Ireland)

Andy KIEFFER (Team USA) 19 v 17 Bill MERNAGH (Team Ireland)

Phil SMITH (Team USA) 15 v 21 Gerry MERNAGH (Team Ireland)

Kyle SEELING (Team USA) 13 v 21 Edmund RYAN (Team Ireland)

Ryan STUCKENBERG (Team USA) 12 v 24 John RYAN (Team Ireland)

Jeff ORZEL (Team USA) 20 v 16 Francis FITZGERALD (Team Ireland)

Kevin MORENO (Team USA) 16 v 20 Johnny MORISSEY (Team Ireland)

Thomas SOLITARIO (Team USA) 16 v 20 Adam GIBSON (Team Ireland)

Daniel DeCHIRICO (Team USA) 20 v 16 Gerry WALKER (Team Ireland)

Jon NUGENT (Team USA) 17 v 19 Hughie O ‘SHAUGHNESSY (Team Ireland)

Tom ERNSTER (Team USA) 9 v 27 Jamie TENNYSON (Team Ireland)

Randall CONN (Team USA) 19 v 15 Michael RYAN (Team Ireland)

Johan ANDERSSON (Team USA) 18 v 18 Pat CREAMER (Team Ireland)

Tim LOVELL (Team USA) 18 v 18 Cormac RYAN (Team Ireland)

Scott PITTS (Team USA) 28 v 8 John DAVIS (Team Ireland)

Team USA 284
Team Ireland 292