20 Question’s with Dublin Ladies Football star – Siobhan Woods



In this weeks 20 Questions we caught up with Dublin ladies football star Siobhan Woods ahead of their crunch semi final against Connaught champions Mayo.

Q. 1, Who is the best person you follow on Twitter?
Ans 1. @KColreavy
Q. 2, What was your happiest memory in sport?
Ans 2. The minor All Ireland semi final against Cork 2011 – it was one of those days where everything just went right.
Q. 3, Have you any regrets in your sporting career so far?
Ans 3. The 2014 All Ireland final – definitely one that got away, but a lot learned from it.
Q. 4, What’s your idea of the best kind of team bonding?
Ans 4. You can’t beat a team night out.
Q. 5, Has ladies football gone too tactical?
Ans 5. Ladies football is definitely getting more tactical. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean defensive, which is obviously something people don’t enjoy watching as much. It’s about planning how you’re going to beat a team and executing it. It’s just another aspect of the game.
Q. 6 What part of training or games to you dislike most?
Ans 6. The warm up.
Q. 7, What makes a good coach?
Ans 7. Someone with an excellent knowledge of the game, but an equally good ability to communicate it. You definitely have to know how to coach each individual as well as the team as a whole – not an easy job!
Q. 8, How would you like to be remembered?
Ans 8. Hard working.
Q. 9, What attributes separates inter county players from club players.
Ans 9. Depending on the level your club is at, there might not be too much separating it. It probably comes down to your commitment and ability to put the work in.
Q. 10, Describe yourself in 3 words.
Ans. 10 Committed, driven and probably a bit loud at times!
Q. 11, Have you a motto to live by?
Ans 11. The harder you work the luckier you get.
Q. 12, What’s the best advice anyone has given you?
Ans 12. I’m not sure – but reminders about enjoying the game are always good.
Q. 13, Name any 3 celebs you’d invite to dinner dead or alive ?
Ans 13. Beyoncé, Serena Williams and Lance Armstrong would be an interesting mix.
Q.14, If there was a transfer market who would you buy?
Ans 14. I’m happy with what we have – we’d probably just keep the money for food!
Q. 15, Do you have any superstitions ?
Ans 15. I used to when I was younger but have none now
Q.16, Who are your best friends on the panel?
Ans 16. A group of us came up through the ages together, like Ciara Ruddy, Leah Caffrey, Lucy Collins, Martha Byrne, Dee Murphy, Molly Lamb and all those girls. We’d all be great friends.
Q.17, Who is the best/worst trainer on your panel?
Ans. No comment.
Q.18, Who is the joker in the group?
Ans 18. Always get a good laugh out of Lucy Collins!
Q. 19, What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made because of your county involvement?
Ans.19. I probably wouldn’t use the word sacrifice. You do miss a lot of stuff, but you’re well used to it and as a team everyone is in it together.
Q. 20, Who on your panel is most likely going to be a future manager, millionaire or be in media?
Ans 20. Manager: Sorcha Furlong (very wise)
Millionaire: Sinead Aherne (good at counting)
Media: Sinead Finnegan or Sinead Goldrick, they’re always in demand with the cameras!

Semi final Dublin vs Mayo Saturday 27th in Kingspsn Breffini Pk at 6.30. Game live on TG4.


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