20 Question’s with Kilkenny Camogie star – Jacqui Frisby

Kilkenny Senior Camogie corner back Jacqui Frisby answers Sportstalks 20 Questions.

Jacqui will line out for the cats tomorrow in the All Ireland Senior Camogie Final in Croke Park.


1, Who is the best person you follow on Twitter?

Boring Rob & Dave Kearney it’s very funny!!

2, What was your happiest memory in sport?

The day I reached 5ft and was told I could play with the big girls!

3, Have you any regrets in your sporting career so far?

Being mistaken for a rugby player after my tackle late in this year’s League Final. Still getting stick over that.

4, What’s your idea of the best kind of team bonding?

We’ve done a few adventure sports days always great fun especially when Anne Downey ends up getting thrown into the sea fully clothed.

5, Has camogie/ladies football, hurling, Gaelic gone too tactical?

No I don’t think so. We’ll leave that to the footballers.

6 What part of training or games to you dislike most? 

Warm ups!

7, What makes a good coach?

 Someone who is open to listening to the ideas of others but still has the conviction to make the tough decisions when the time arises.

8, How would you like to be remembered?

A wholehearted, honest player who gave my all every time I put on the jersey.

9, What attributes separates inter county players from club players?

Discipline and commitment

10, Describe yourself in 3 words.

Tall, dark and handsome

11, Have you a motto to live by?

Pull hard, pull often, pull her down!

12, What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Always wear a helmet!

13, Name any 3 celebs you’d invite to dinner dead or alive?

David Beckham to look at for the night, Ed Sheeran so he can play a few tunes. Conor McGregor for the craic.

14, If there was a transfer market who would you buy?

Kate Kelly

15, Do you have any superstitions? 

I haven’t washed my socks since the first championship match!

16, Who is the best dressed on the panel?

Davina Tobin she arrives into dressing room like she’s just after walking off the catwalk.!

17, Who is the best/worst trainer on your panel?

Best Trainer: Grace Walsh

Worst trainer: Collette Dormer only arrives for the last 10mins…!!!

18, Who is the joker in the group?

Emma Kavanagh very quick off the mark keeps the mood light.

19, What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made because of your county involvement?

I missed the ceremony of my brother’s wedding as we had a championship match on the same day and he still slags me about it.

20, Who on your panel is most likely going to be a future manager, millionaire or be in media?

 Manager= Ann Dalton

Millionaire = Edwina Keane always wheeling and dealing.

Media = Grace Walsh


Liberty Insurance All Ireland Senior Camogie Final – Cork V Kilkenny – Croke Park – 4 0′ Clock – Sunday 11th Sept

Have a listen to Jacqui Frisby on KCLR as she answered questions by 10 year old Louise Hearne.

CamÓgie Corner #5: Jacqui Frisby (Ballyhale Shamrocks, Kilkenny)







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