2,319 thank you’s JP McManus from the GAA Family


2,319 Thank you’s JP McManus.

We arrived at that figure thanks to what was thrown up after we searched “How many gaa clubs in Ireland” so if we are one or two out, blame google!

The news broke yesterday evening and we had to wait a few hours to let it sink in and check that it wasn’t a hoax. The remarkable gesture by JP McManus only rubber stamps our notion that we not only have the greatest sports in the world but also the greatest minds.

Think about all the negativity within the GAA at the moment surrounding some of our codes, jump on twitter and you will see the latest click bait artist running their mouth about just about anything within the GAA world. Where we come from we call them bitter old pub talkers.

JP McManus announced yesterday that he would be giving €100,000 to every county board in Ireland to be shared amongst their respective clubs equally. Think about that for a moment and you come to the realisation that JP is given a great deal of money to every single GAA club in the country.

What JP has done is legendary no matter how much money the man has in his pocket. It’s a constant struggle for clubs to fundraise never mind the clubs that have to fundraise and their teams are not getting the results on the pitch.

Actually think about it again and you realise he’s giving money to you.

Thank you JP.