20 Question’s with Waterford Sensation – Austin Gleeson


Austin Gleeson – Sportstalk 20 Questions


Q. 1,Who is the best person you follow on Twitter?
Ans. 1. Shane Lowry- great buzz and a character.
Q. 2, What was your happiest memory in sport?
Ans. 2. Winning the minor All Ireland in 2013. 
Q. 3, Have you any regrets in your sporting career so far?
Ans. 3. I don’t think of regrets as regrets, more so I think of them as mistakes that I won’t make again.
Q. 4, What’s your idea of the best kind of team bonding?
Ans. 4. We went water rafting last year and I thought that was brilliant. Everyone had a right buzz.
Q. 5, Has hurling gone too tactical?
Ans. 5. I don’t think so. I thinks lads have a “would do anything to win attitude” more so then anything and if tactics are the way to go then that’s it.
Q. 6 What part of training or games to you dislike most?
Ans. 6. Losing!! I hate losing!! 
Q. 7, What makes a good coach?
Ans. 7. Man management think it’s huge as a coach/manager.
Q. 8, How would you like to be remembered?
Ans. 8. As a player who gave everything for club and county.
Q. 9, What attributes separates inter county players from club players.
Ans. 9. There’s not that many to be honest. Maybe a few extra skill levels.
Q. 10, Describe yourself in 3 words.
Ans. 10. Shy, sporty and determined.
Q. 11, Have you a motto to live by?
Ans. 11. Give everything while you can cause you never know when anything can be taken away from you. 
Q. 12, What’s the best advice anyone has given you?
Ans. 12. Be myself!! Don’t try be anyone you’re not!
Q. 13, Name any 3 celebs you’d invite to dinner dead or alive ?
Ans. 13. Conor McGregor, Kevin Hart and Adam Sandler!
Q. 14, If there was a transfer market who would you buy?
Ans. 14. Tony Kelly, think he has everything to become one of the best players to have ever played the game! 
Q. 15, Do you have any superstitions ?
Ans. 15. I always sit on same seat on the bus to matches, that’s the biggest one.
Q. 16, Who are your best friends on the panel?
Ans. 16. Everyone is close friends on the team to be honest. I don’t mind who I’m with.
Q. 17, Who is the best/worst trainer on your panel?
Ans. 17. Best= Shane fives- 110% at everything he does! 
Worst= Shane Bennett- as laid back as they come ha-ha.
Q. 18, Who is the joker in the group?
Ans. 18. Thomas Ryan or Jamie Barron.
Q. 19, What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made because of your county involvement?
Ans. 19. I don’t see it as a sacrifice more so that we choose this life! There are thousands of people that would love to be given the opportunity so I feel privileged to have the opportunity.
Q. 20, Who on your panel is most likely going to be a future manager, millionaire or be in media ?
Ans. 20. Future manager- Ian ‘Iggy’ O Regan.
Millionaire- Gavin O Brien.
Media- Tadhg Bourke, can’t shut the man up.?

Throw in Saturday at 5 o clock in Semple Stadium. Game live on TG4.


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