30 Days a Witch… We meet the incredible Seáron Thornton



Sportstalk.ie met up with witch for a month Searon Thornton who’s Fundraising for the Irish Cancer Society for Palliative Care in an incredible way by tackling everyday life dressed as a witch. Yes that means shopping, work, visiting relations and of course travelling on public transport. A truely selfless form of Fundraising we had to jump aboard and help out.


1. Who the hell suggested this idea and did it take you long to agree to it?

It was actually my own idea. When people are in their final days, palliative care nurses manage their physical symptoms, as well as their dignity while they are so vulnerable. I thought it would be an interesting concept to juxtapose that concept of dignity, by sacrificing my own in a small way by putting myself in some awkward situations – for the amusement of others.


2. What do you work at and how are your colleagues reacting to you.

I’m a Marketing Manager at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. I was actually a bit unsure of how my colleagues would take it, because I only started working there three weeks ago! But they’ve been great. They are creatives, so have helped me with a lot of fun ideas for the rest of the month. And my colleague Jo bought me my broomstick!

3. What is the current reacting on the street when you rock up to a bus stop dressed as a witch

Some people completely ignore me, and others look at the floor and slowly move away. Children are very amused and want to touch my hat.
4. Its an important cause you are raising funds for how can people donate and jump aboard this fund raising train?
People can donate to the Irish Cancer Society for Palliative Care via my Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/se-ron-thornton
. They can follow and share my photos on twitter @SearonThornton, and on Instagram @searonthornton and use the hashtag #WitchWearForPalliativeCare. I’d also love any messages of encouragement or witchy inspiration to keep me going!


5. Do you think you will be able to go back to dressing normal or will the witch look be staying

I think I will look forward to wearing a bit of colour again, but I will find it very hard to give up the cloak!


6. What’s the most awkward moment being so far?

Definitely approaching a girl to take a photo of me on the bus yesterday while she was physically recoiling away from me!


7. Do you take the costume off at night or is it full rig all the time?

It’s also all black at bedtime. The cloak is a handy substitute for a dressing gown, but I have to take it off before bed because it’s a serious choking hazard (it says so on the label).
8. What advice would you give fellow witches?

Remember to lift your cloak when going to the loo.
9. 6 days in almost 24 to go do you think you can last it?

No problem!
10. What’s the weirdest thing about being a witch for a month?

Having the ability to frighten people – that’s been weirdly entertaining for me.


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