“A 4 bay cattle shed they have as a stand” Shane Curran

Super8s Podcast


Speaking on this weeks Super8s Podcast, Shane Curran honest as ever and not afraid to call it as it is when asked by host Doran Harte, gave his verdict on Tuam stadium which he calls “The home of Galway Football” .

TG4 again on the ball with coverage yesterday but unfortunately the stadium came in for heavy criticism from Shane Curran saying

“It’s a shambles and a wreck” while also comparing it to a “4 bay cattle shed they have as a stand”.

It wasn’t all bad Shane did go on to compliment Tuam on their great volunteers and hospitality with massive potential considering the surrounding infrastructure, but its clear from visibility on TG4 and with Shane comments upgrades are needed quickly.

Listen to Super8s Podcast Snippet here. Full Episode airs this Wednesday.


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