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“Anne Downey has put a professional setup in place” – Conor Phelan on the current Kilkenny Camogie setup


This week on the Sportsgirls podcast, Kilkenny senior camogie selector Conor Phelan joined the panel to talk all things camogie and Kilkenny. Conor a former Kilkenny hurler couldn’t speak highly enough of fellow manager Anne Downey and the setup she has provided for the team. It’s all about the inches that players have to go through to be the best but the 12 time All-Ireland winner Downey has left no stone unturned for her players preparation.

One of the first comments Conor made was the difference between the set up for male and female teams but he also talked about how former Kilkenny player and 2016 Camogie manager of the year has leveled the playing field for Kilkenny camogie players.

“We are trying to create a positive environment where girls are confident to play”

“Anne is intensely  passionate about camogie, she brings organisation and brings everyone together. She put a team around her that can work together and get the best out of the girls. Everything goes through her to make sure there is no pressure on the girls. Sometimes in sport there isn’t the same resources and supports available but Anne has put a team together of doctor, physio, psychologist, good back room team, strength and condition, small things like food to make sure that things are professional. “

Head to 40 minutes to listen to hear what else Conor had to say about the current Kilkenny set up