AWOL Mayo Ladies need to return to Camp Peter

Ladies GAA

Mayo Ladies have been in the news in recent weeks for a portion of their panel opting out due to “player welfare issues” let’s call a spade a spade, it happens in every club or county setup at some point but where I come from we call it a “row in the camp” and in ten years time you will be all joking about it saying how stupid were we. If Cavan had a few more stand out player’s we would be reporting on them as they had a number leave their panel a few days before the Mayo storm broke but nobody picked up on it and Sportstalk aren’t in this game for click bait stories, leave that to the twitter warriors and leech sites.

Looking at the Mayo vs Dublin game yesterday Mayo manager Peter Leahy has shown how good a coach he is by giving Dublin a real test for 40 minutes flying on one engine, but for some poor goalkeeping they would have been a lot closer to Dublin at the end. Dublin are a class team but found conditions difficult yesterday early on with Mayo defending the middle channels effectively, bottling up the space and turning over the Dublin attacking weapons. Sarah Rowe scored some deadly points inside with the off the shoulder running from Mayo breaking from the back line on point.

Just before Sarah Rowe got her yellow card Dublin looked like they were ready to pounce and take over the game. Eventually they did after the yellow card but imagine if Mayo had their star exiles to call upon?

Totally different ball game then.

If Mayo are really interested in toppling Dublin they need to cop themselves on and get all cogs of the wheel back working together for the good of Ladies Football, Mayo and #properfans.

Sportstalk Comment

We would like to see all Ladies GAA stars on the pitch playing in this golden era of Ladies Football, we are passionate about Ladies Football because we can see how brilliant a game it is to watch and support. Mayo have all winter to score points on who was right and who was wrong on whatever happened. The point is nobody really cares because its happening every day of the week in the local clubs from Junior E to Inter-county. Sort it out get back on the horse and lets have a proper race for the title. #properfan #gaafamily