Camogie players appreciative of coverage


With the coverage of camogie improving in recent years, host Deniese O’Flaherty and pundit Lauren Guilfoyle spoke on this week’s Sportsgirls Podcast about how appreciative camogie players are to media that cover their sport.

Lauren said: “It really is heartwarming because we really should be thanking them. I think of my own county Clare, they are training week in week out. It should be the other way around, we should be thanking them for putting on the Clare jersey.”

Lauren admitted that there are still a huge difference between coverage of men’s GAA and ladies GAA although in recent weeks both the ladies football and camogie have produced some entertaining games of very high quality: “It does really highlight the discrepancies in the male game and the female game. Like what games we have got in the last number of weeks.”