Careerwise Recruitment


CareerWise Recruitment is one of Ireland’s leading specialist Technical and Executive Recruitment firms.

Established in 1999, CareerWise provides services in the areas of Engineering, Supply Chain, Sciences, IT and Accounting & Finance.

We operate out of multiple locations in Ireland with offices in Cork, Shannon, Dublin, Galway and Mayo.

As your long-term strategic partner, these are our unique selling points:

  •       Proven track record of ethics and integrity
  •       Our robust systems
  •       Pro-active online presence (Website, Blog, Newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.)
  •       Strong team of experienced consultants with vast industry expertise
  •       Excellent market knowledge and functional acumen
  •       Regional presence
  •       Niche approach
  •       Low volume candidate focused approach (excellent candidate preparation for interview)

Our in-depth scoping of the job specification enables us to source a candidate, who not only fits the specific vacancy but has ambition and is seeking the additional challenges and skills that the position/company may offer going forward. It also ensures that the candidates put forward for selection possess the ability to grow, change and adapt as the business itself changes.

We work closely with client companies at all stages of the recruitment process to enable us to absorb a detailed understanding of the specific job vacancy. We ascertain the type of experience and skill set required, and become familiar with the company itself – its culture, markets, products and plans.

Our robust systems and team’s in-depth knowledge as well as our highly experienced team’s industry knowledge, acquired and harnessed over many years, guarantee that we “Connect Talent With Opportunity“.

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