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Signing up for Gaelic4mothers & others… This should be fun….

“What have I got myself into?” I keep asking  myself and I haven’t even had my first training session yet. To give you a bit of information I’ve just signed up for a Gaelic4Mothers & Others team in my parish.

I played football but that was a very long time ago and I was stuck in goals because I “had a good kick-out and was tall”; I’ve since shrunk. I like to be on the opposite side of the white line and have become quite comfortable there. I like to give my opinion so not looking forward to someone giving me orders.

Setting up a G4M&O team in our parish came about from a conversation between mothers at a GAA match. A post went up on facebook, there was great interest and so a meeting was held and now we await (in anticipation) our first training session.

All joking and worrying aside I think G4M&O is a fantastic initiative. It’s a social outlet and a break from everyday life for mothers and other women. It introduces the game to women who have never played it before and also gives women a chance to take it back up again after taking a break for whatever reason; mainly having children. It’s also a way to help women get fit with others from their area and in a fun way.

When you look at the GAA as an organisation, women play such an important role. There is not a club in the country that doesn’t have a woman involved in the committee or the running of a club in some way. It’s great that now mothers and others can go out and play the game.

With ladies football continuously growing it’s no wonder G4M&O is so popular around the country. It came about just 10 years ago as a part of the Women in Sport initiative. The whole concept is about having fun and being non-competitive. No matter what happens with our team one thing we will have is fun; well judging from our meeting last night and the chat on the whatsapp group.

You have one training session a week; genius whoever thought of that. That runs for six weeks and at the end of that we can decide to become a proper club and enter blitzes around the area or further afield. I am actually hoping that in six weeks time we will become a team.

The GAA is about the people and the community so it would be great to see the whole family catered for if this G4M&O team takes off.

DeeLadies GAASports

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