Connor open and honest about recovery from knee injury


Longford’s Rory Connor was extremely open and honest when he spoke to Deniese O’Flaherty on this week’s Sports Talk podcast.
Connor suffered a serious knee injury that threatened to end his playing career in 2016. He had won a Sigerson Cup in 2015 with and was part of the team that was defeated by
UCD in the 2016 final.
He admitted how hard college life was after the injury: “You go from training three or four days a week, five days a week, everything you do kind of revolves around your training, your football, your nutrition. You go from position then to you’ve all this idle time. You’re in a knee brace for four months. Like what do you do?!”
From being outgoing and personable Connor found himself avoiding conversations with people: “I kind of went quite quiet. I was always chatting to people and being around the college. I had really good friends in college. I went kind of introverted. I found myself almost trying to avoid conversations with people because you feel your self-value/self-worth in that one instant is deteriorated, completely diminished.”

You can listen to the full chat here: