Curran wants International Rules Series scrapped



With the interest in the International Rules Series waning Shane Curran believes it’s now time to scrap it.

Speaking on this week’s Super 8’s Podcast Curran said:

“I think this particular experiment is dying a slow death. It’s 33 years on the go and I think it’s now time someone pulled the cord and called a halt to it. I think it’s gone into a meaningless affair. It’s a jolly Down Under for a few. The players I’m sure take it relatively serious because it’s an opportunity to wear the green of Ireland and get on a plane and get down to the other side of the World.”

Curran remembered back to when the games gathered interest from tens of thousands of spectators:

“The interest level in it now is completely gone. There was 25,000 people in the arena on Sunday morning. I think initially when this started back in the good old heady days when they had the couple of good boxing matches in the middle of the park and you could not only see a football match but a boxing match there was 65 or 70,000.”

The Roscommon man wants the GAA to look at other ways of promoting games to a wider audience:

“The interest in it is gone. I think the GAA really need to look at ways of promoting our game; internationally possibly by playing teams from different countries. Maybe an international 7 a-side. Try and generate interest because this particular exercise is failing. I don’t think it’s doing anything for either sets of players or either organisation.”



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