Doherty in high praise of the GAA in New York


Former Donegal player Nadine Doherty spoke about her experience of playing in New York on this week’s Sportsgirls Podcast. Nadine remembers her time with fondness and is delighted with the strides that are being made with the GAA in the Big Apple.

She said: “It was more play a little bit of football and have a huge amount of craic but it was great. There was a lovely buzz over there. There was a lovely community. The football was good and you got to play with fantastic players.”

She went on to say: “Now it’s got much more serious. They have brilliant underage structures over there. There’s brilliant people over there. Rosie O’Reilly put huge structures in place.”

The Donegal native spoke about the wonderful facilities at their disposal in New York: “In New York they are very lucky facility wise. You have Tibbets Park, in the middle of Yonkers, Woodlawn, then you’d have Van Corlandt and there’s a brilliant facility over in Rockland. It’s great that there are very generous business people in New York who sponsor and donate money. You look at what they’ve done to Gaelic Park.”

She believes that the GAA is what brought a lot of people out to New York: “If you ask the people who are out there, at least 50% of them are out there because of Gaelic Football, camogie, hurling or whatever.”

Nadine praised the work that is being put into the GAA in New York and the way they preserve their Irishness: “There is a lovely family element to it. New York have really kept their Irish culture. They are probably more cultured than we are here; in terms of the Irish language, irish dancing, gaelic games. It’s lovely and it’s why people stay there so long. They don’t miss home so much. They are great at looking after each other too. It’s a lovely neighbourhood.”