Dublin LGFA release statement…..

Dublin LGFA have released a very dignified statement in the wake of Sundays controversial one point loss to Cork. Although Cara Rowe’s first half effort was signalled wide, video footage showed it had passed between the posts. Cork claimed their 11th title in 12 years on a score line of 1.08-1.07.
It had been expected that Dublin manager Gregory McConigle would be meeting with the county board Monday night to discuss grounds to appeal but their statement now shows that they consider the case closed.

“Dublin Players, Management and Executive congratulate Cork on winning the 2016 Senior All-Ireland final.

We wish it to be noted that we are very disappointed that the score error could not be rectified on the field of play and we will focus our efforts to require that LGFA put processes in place so that no other team is subjected to such a situation.

Dublin LGFA will be making no further comment on this issue.”


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