Fences to change colour in Britain

Horse Racing

From March 14th fences in Britain for hurdles and steeplechases are to gradually change in colour.
It comes after research into equine vision was undertaken by Exeter University and utilised by the Horse Welfare Board.
The BHA commissioned the study and was funded by the Racing Foundation. It used camera equipment across 11 racecourses to establish which colours were most visible to horses.
Blue, bright yellow and white were all more easily distinguishable to horses. The study tested 14 horses trained at the National Hunt yard of Richard Philips. He said: “Having been involved in the research undertaken by Exeter University and having used white obstacles for over three years now, I am convinced that changing the colour of jumps will be of immense benefits to the horses, riders and the sport as a whole.”
The transition will begin at Stratford. Chair of the Horse Welfare Board, Barry Johnson said: “This important project is an example of how British racing uses advanced scientific and veterinary research to constantly improve racehorse welfare.
“Looking through the eyes of the horse to understand how they perceive their world, and making changes because of this new knowledge, shows how racing is continuously striving to increase the safety of all participants in our sport, both human and equine.”