Fitness plans aid the decrease in muscle strains according to Doherty


On this week’s Sportsgirls podcast with guest Aishling Sheridan from Cavan, the topic of injuries came up. Former Donegal captain Nadine Doherty spoke about who ACL injuries are common, especially in women.

She said: “The ACL with females has always been so common. There’s a number of theories in terms of around your menstrual cycle; we retain a lot of water, a lot of fluid and that leaves our joints and our tendons more susceptible to strains and tears.”

Another reason for ACL injuries Nadine found was the blades: “Then there was the other thing with blades. There are some girls that done there knee a few times and I just think some people are unlucky. To be honest,” she said.

Nadine has found certain injuries have decreased in recent years due to the fitness plan in place at club and county level: “I feel in terms of smaller injuries; muscle strains and things like that. That has gone down because of the athletic therapy or the physio or your gym plans, yogas, pilates. Your incidents of more serious injuries possibly have gone up out of what we spoke about; being unlucky or just being susceptible to ACL injuries and your breaks. They are just freak accidents.”