Five Football Facts – Xabi Alonso has an All Ireland Medal?!?


1. Drogheda United football crest derives from the Turkish Ottoman empire crest. It is believed that during the Irish Famine, Turkey’s then leader Sultan Abdul Majid sent three ships loaded with food to Drogheda port. As a sign of thanks, the Drogheda town adopted the ottoman empire star and crescent as its coat of arms crest. Other sources, however, contradict this claim, saying that the coat of arms dates back to 1210, during the reign of King John, whose symbol was the star and crescent apparently.


2. Xabi Alonso has an All Ireland football medal. At the age of 15, Alonso went to Kells, County Meath, on a school exchange programme to learn English. There, he helped the local Kells junior football team to win an All Ireland Junior club title in Keating Park, Chairsiveen.



3. Argentina’s retired legend Diego Maradona has his own religion made by his fans. The Iglesia Maradoniana was founded on October 30, 1998

The “Ten Commandments” of the Iglesia Maradoniana are:

  1. The ball is never soiled.
  2. Love football above all else.
  3. Declare unconditional love for Diego and the beauty of football.
  4. Defend the Argentina shirt.
  5. Spread the news of Diego’s miracles throughout the universe.
  6. Honour the temples where he played and his sacred shirts.
  7. Don’t proclaim Diego as a member of any single team.
  8. Preach and spread the principles of the Church of Maradona.
  9. Make Diego your middle name.
  10. Name your first son Diego.


4. Messi’s first contract was signed on a napkin!


5. Greek footballer, Giorgos Katidis, was handed a life ban from their national team. Scoring a goal in a game on March 13, 2013, Katidis celebrated by giving the crowd a Nazi Salute. Katidis later apologized, however the Greek Football Federation imposed a lifetime ban, barring him from participating in all Greek national teams.




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