G4M&O – we were a group of individuals that have now become a team


Week 5 and I’ve learned that I should listen more carefully. I thought we’d have a match this week but it’s not until our ‘final’ week which is next week.

I’d psyched myself all week for a game, was in game mode too when I went to training only to be told eh “it’s next week”. Listen more, talk less, is definitely something I need to do.

Anyway this week we didn’t make Jimmy or Gabriel want to cry or utter a few French words to us and actually they didn’t make us want to do the same. It was a really enjoyable session. We have improved according to Gabriel. That is huge because you should’ve seen us at the start.

Poor Gabriel cried himself to sleep last week wondering what he had got himself in to. Eh I had those thoughts after the first week but I am so glad I’ve stuck at it though. This experience has been one of the best and I really don’t want it to end.

Jimmy has already booked a hall for us to have sessions in during the winter months so it seems he’s in it for the long haul and it’s safe to say so are we.

Weeks had passed and everyone had been doing so well but I think my nail jinxed it for us all last week. This week Anne was sick and we had two casualties; Sharon has an old injury that has flared up again while Irene pulled up during Jimmy’s final jogging session.

So on to our session. We are dab hands at handpassing now. Excuse the pun. Our fitness has improved; not too much for me but hey it’s a start. Our shooting drill was interesting. I found out I still have a crooked foot and I’d be great for the kick-outs; I’ll aim for the middle but the ball will go to either wing.

It’s amazing to see the people who have never kicked a football before take on the challenge. It was a bit daunting at the start for a lot of us; there was a great mix of experience. We came down to Higginstown five weeks ago not knowing what lay ahead for us. We were individuals but now are a ‘team’. There is a bond forming between us. We are encouraging each other and if things go wrong the banter is great. That’s what makes it such good fun.

I’m glad this experience is going to continue after the required six weeks of training is up. We have all filled out the registration forms so it’s ‘real’. Granard G4M&Os has become a reality. Who would’ve thought that a few months ago.