“Game Changer” launched in style at packed The Royal Theatre Castlebar

Cora Staunton

Good news doesn’t sell as much as bad news and last night good news was being announced!

Sportstalk traveled to The Royal Theatre Castlebar last night to witness the book launch “Game Changer” an autobiography of Cora Staunton. Mícheál ó Muircheartaigh was bestowed the honor of announcing the official launch to a packed Royal Theatre Castlebar which holds up to 2,000 people. This was a trip we were delighted to make as Cora has done many wonderful things for Sportstalk since our beginning and our coverage of the Ladies GAA scene.

This time last year we were speaking about Cora being one of the first female GAA stars to switch codes to AFL and in the aftermath of that we have a number of young GAA ladies transferring for the Winter/Spring season down under.

The launch of “Game Changer” is the first written by a Ladies GAA star and we hope this is the start of many others joining the party, as off the top of our head their are dozens we would love to read and get to know better.

Mícheál ó Muircheartaigh speaking at your event guarantees both style and class, he didn’t disappoint from his articulate story telling that captured both the audiences imagination and Cora’s contribution to the sporting world perfectly, to the 3 plus hours he spent afterwards signing over 2000 copies. The man is 88 think about that!

Cora Staunton has had a tough couple of months but you wouldn’t think it as she took to the podium to passionately thank all who contributed to her success especially her teammates and club Carnacon. I suspect I wasn’t alone in feeling immensely proud and a little emotional as the greatest ladies footballer of all time took center stage as she has done many a time in her illustrious career.

Two national treasures side by side giving their time as they have done for their whole lives signing not just a book but a piece of history. Priceless.

Congratulations Cora and thank you for a lovely night.