“Hard work beats talent” legendary Mayo Footballer Cora Staunton


Ahead of this weekends TG4 ladies football championship quarter finals we caught up with 9 time All Star and 9 time All Ireland winner, Mayo and Carnacon ladies football legend Cora Staunton. It’s this weeks 20 Questions.

1. Q. Who is the best person you follow on Twitter?
A. Amy Huberman and Brian O Driscoll can be quite funny. Joe.ie for all the news (plus a good Mayo man owns it).

2, Q. What was your happiest memory in sport?
A. Any of my 9 All Ireland wins with Mayo and my club Carnacon are very special. Captaining my club to there first in 2002 was very special.

3, Q. Have you any regrets in your sporting career so far?
A. You try not to have any but you will always look back at big games you lost and think you could have won more in your career.

4, Q. What’s your idea of the best kind of team bonding?
A. The best kind of team bonding has to be a good night out. You normally have enough ammunition to slag people for months after!!!

5, Q. Has GAA gone too tactical?
A. Yes and no if that’s possible. I think ladies football is still a very good open game to watch at times but teams in last while have started playing this 11/12 players behind the ball which I’m afraid will make the game more tactical and maybe not as open.

6, Q. What part of training or games do you dislike most?
A. I love playing games as for training the hard slog in Jan/ Feb when pitches are bad is what I hate ( let’s put it this way I’ll never be a long distance runner aka Fiona Mc Hale).

7, Q. What makes a good coach?
A. I think the coach is the most important person in the management team. A good coach tries to make each individual on the team better and simplify the game for the player. A player should be constantly learning and be challenged all the time by the coach.

8, Q.How would you like to be remembered?
A. Not sure really in football terms. I was a very consistent player and gave it my best in ever game I played and helped make ladies football a better game.

9, Q. What attributes separates inter county players from club players?
A. I really think there are many club players that have same attributes as county players but might not be able to give or want the same level of commitment.

10, Q. Describe yourself in 3 words.
A. Driven, generous and honest. I was going to say quiet as well but not everyone will agree!!

11, Q. Have you a motto to live by?
A. Take ever day as it comes.Life will throw obstacles in your way but you can always deal with them .

12, Q. What’s the best advice anyone has given you?
A. Hard work beats talent

13, Name any 3 celebs you’d invite to dinner dead or alive ?
A. James Corden, absolutely love him he is hilarious.David Beckham (big Utd fan and he is very handsome!! and Adele love her music plus she seems a right bit of crack.

14, Q.If there was a transfer market who would you buy?
A. Geraldine O Flynn from Cork.

15, Q. Do you have any superstitions ?
A. None really. I always sit beside same people in bus and in dressing room. Go to visit my mum’s grave before a game and have a chat.

16, Q. Who are your best friends on the panel?
A. Yvonne Byrne(Crazy), Martha Carter, Marie Corbett and Doireann. Also a shout out to JG they know who they are. John Gannon is my favour member of management a legend.

17, Q. Who is the best/worst trainer on your panel?
A. Best: Quite a few but go for Fiona Mc Hale and Marie Corbett.
Worst: Sarah Rowe she is to busy been a socialite!! with a certain Dublin Hurler ( isn’t that right Danny).

18, Q. Who is the joker in the group?
A. Without doubt Yvonne Byrne aka Crazy. Always up to something, have to be watching her the whole time.

19, Q. What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made because of your county involvement?
A. Missing family events weddings etc and different trips. I would not call them sacrifices I would call them choices. Playing football is not a sacrifice. I am lucky enough to be able to play with my county and club for the last 20 plus years. I have made my best friends from the sport .

20, Q. Who on your panel is most likely going to be a future manager, millionaire or be in media?
A. Millionaire, Sarah Rowe aka Guns, she is already one.
Media, Noirín Moran she is the queen of social media (definitely deserves an award)
Manager, Yvonne Byrne or Fiona Mc Hale (watch this space).

Mayo play Westmeath this Saturday in Pearse Park at 3.15.


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