How river walking has helped Kinch prolong her GAA career


Wicklow’s Jackie Kinch revealed on this week’s Sportsgirls podcast how ‘river walking’ has helped with her hip flexor injury.

She said: “My hips would’ve been very tight and I would’ve had a couple of back injuries a couple of years ago. It could be a knock-out effect from that. I kinda realised I’m not getting any younger and I needed something to prolong the career.”

Kinch is looking forward to an All-Ireland Junior semi-final, after the Garden County made it two wins from two in Group A of the championship. “It’s great to get to an All-Ireland semi-final. I suppose with the year that’s in it, with Covid it’s even good to get out and play football. The fact that we are in an All-Ireland semi-final is another boost to the team that we can keep on pushing on hopefully,” said the Wicklow star.

Every year Kinch and her family host an adult Ladies football blitz for Barretstown, in memory of her sister Ellen who died when she was just 16 years old. The event first took place in 2008. This year there was a virtual event but Kinch is hopeful that they can host it properly next June: “With the way things are working out I’ll have to wait and see what way the football season is working and fixtures as well. I was planning on leaving it until the same time in June, hopefully around then, just to see what way things are rolled out before then and then plan from there. Hopefully we won’t have to do another virtual event. Now the virtual event went absolutely brilliant, but it’s nice to be able to see people in person on the day and have good craic.”

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