How would Cork footballers fare against Kerry asks O’hAilpin

Sean óg O'hAilpín

Despite Cork’s fine win over Tipperary in the Munster Football Championship semi-final Sean Og O’hAilpin revealed supporters believe they don’t have what it takes to beat Kerry in a Munster Final.

Kerry are down to face Clare this weekend in the second Munster semi-final and are expected to come through that game to set up another showdown with their great neighbours and rivals.

O’hAilpin said: “Questions for this Cork set up is how are they going to fare against Kerry? We’ll find out what the true Cork picture is then. The public mood is the jury is still out on them. If they can beat Kerry. The feeling is that they don’t have the manpower to beat Kerry at the moment.”

The former Cork hurler admitted he didn’t expect his native county to overcome Tipperary in the semi-final because Tipp had defeated them earlier in the league and had a game under the belt going into Saturday’s clash; they played Waterford the week before. He said: “Of anything that game should’ve been of some benefit to Tipperary like what the hurling game did for Clare last weekend. Cork were coming in under the darkness, first game, they were there for the taking.”

Humble pie needs to be eaten by O’hAilpin and he believes the win should give Cork some confidence, especially the margin of victory: “What surprised me that Cork won because I didn’t give them any chance. I’ve to eat humble pie a small bit because if Cork were to win, I didn’t forsee them winning by that margin; 11 points. That should give Cork confidence. If you look over the years Cork are good going in underdogs. Been written off and then come up with a result.”


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