The invincible Tipperary Ladies only trained on weekends… Mairead Morrissey



SportsGirls Podcast had the pleasure of the invincible Mairead Morrissey on the show, as the Tipperary lady talks about her career, the fantastic year winning League, Provincial and All Ireland without dropping a game. You would think what led to this great accomplishment was severe training but nope, the Tipp ladies used a sensible approach by letting the college girls train away in college and the veterans train away with their clubs. Is this to be a new trend?

The correct blend of management this year led to the girls buying into this method and training benefited from it come weekend. Mairead Morrissey also talks about Cora’s adventure to Oz, her take on the Gooches Dinner and how she see’s Tipperary fairing out at Senior Level.

Listen here now!


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