It’s now real as our G4M&O team prepare for their first match


Due to Storm Ali our G4M&O’s training had to be cancelled last week so our ‘final’ training session took place last night (Wednesday). Yes we reached week six and most of us are still here; well our trainers Jimmy and Gabriel haven’t left yet so that’s a good thing.

They say mocking is catching and I should never have laughed even in jest about breaking my nail because I ended up getting a real injury; damaged the UCL in my thumb. Yes, done it two weeks ago so missed out on the match between ourselves. I know I’m not anywhere near being a decent footballer but I was so looking forward to just togging out and playing a game.

I was tempted to wrap the thumb up well but was warned by a physio not to do so. Yes I did put on a childish pout and had a one moany scowl on my face but sure it was my fault I did get injured. I tried doing something I shouldn’t and my thumb paid the price. You should see how hard it is to type up work without using the thumb. Who knew how important it was?

So on Wednesday night, before training, we had our first photoshoot. After the game the girls posed for a picture too; credit to them they were able to do that.

I knew a few weeks ago we would have a decent team; we unearthed a few gems too who had never really played the game. That was the most satisfying thing about this whole experience. The two boys were “pleasantly surprised”, now that is saying something and great praise from those two when you consider the words used during week one in describing our skills or lack of them. Hard work and dedication does pay off.

On Saturday our G4M&O team will play their first match. Yes it’s just a friendly game with a local team but it’s a huge day for us. I’d love to be able to tog out; that’s the thing that is killing me about the injury. I have to work so will miss the game, but I will be watching our very active whatsapp group to see how we get on. No matter what happens this is something none of us could have imagined three months ago.

In the words of Take That: “We’ve come so far. And we’ve reached so high

And we’ve looked each day and night in the eye. And we’re still so young. And we hope for more.

Let the fun and game(s) begin.