Key Attributes A Manager Should Have


In this week’s edition of Budda Talk former Waterford and Westmeath hurling manager Michael Ryan outlined what he believes are the key attributes a manager should have in order to succeed.

Ryan who has over forty years of experience as a manager and selector knows only way too well the key traits that a manager should have.

Ryan said “The first thing you need to do in my opinion anyway, you need to treat people with respect, and you got to set high standards. If you don’t treat people with respect, they won’t treat you with respect. I mean then you got to have a good setup and know your game and know what you’re at.

“If you don’t know your job players will quickly realize if you are up to speed or capable of doing your job or not. You got to know the game inside out, you got to have a good backroom team, you got to have good practice. You got to be even the small things like punctuality you know there’s a whole series of things making up a team that goes into your performance. You got to have good training, good coaching strength and conditioning has to be good cause in these days there very important”.