Kilkenny Hurling Star Paul Murphy reveals all in Sportstalk Star Secrets

Kilkenny Hurling Star Paul Murphy Interview

What is your Favourite………


Film – Cling Film

Box set – Narcos

GAA Pitch – Nowlan park

Position on hurling pitch – Corner back

County jersey (not your own) – Monaghan

Football team – Kilkenny

Song to listen to before a game – Foo Fighters My Hero

Holiday destination – Phuket

Other sport –NFL

Medal won – 2011 all Ireland

Hurling cliché – Take off the corner forward when the shit hits the fan

Quote – “Do you know I’m related to DJ?” – Richie Hogan every 5 seconds

Woman on TV – Ann Doyle (Charlie Haughey era)

Other sporting event attended – Armagh v Kerry 2002

What’s app group you are inKilkenny what’s app

Radio show you listen to – Ian Dempsey or Paul Mcloon

Podcast – Off the ball

Sports web site – Sportstalk



Reveal All…………………..


What do you eat on match day?

Porridge, brown bread sandwiches… the usual!


Advice to young players

Don’t be a corner back


What rules would you like to see changed in hurling?

The free taker always winning man of the match


Most annoying person, you follow on snap chat & twitter

Richie Power… thinks he’s Gordon Ramsey on one and Joe Brolly on the other


Best person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Conor Martin – king of Snapchat! Dickie Hogan’s good for a tweet.


Apart from current county manager, who is the best manager you ever had?

Adrian Ronan


Best club player that has never played inter county?

Davy Forristal


Team mate mostly likely to have his own TV show

Colin Fennelly as The Bachelor


3 celebrities’ you would like to have dinner with

Bruce Springsteen, Kevin bridges, Conor McGregor


Best advice you ever got –

Don’t go on rounds with Ger Aylward


Funniest thing you have watched on You Tube

Conor Mcgregor funny moments


If you could be one person for a day who would you be  

Peyton Manning in a Super Bowl


Most embarrassing moment playing hurling

Let a roar at the ref for one of the opposition being on our goal line for a 21 but it turned out our keeper had the same coloured jersey as the other team


Biggest moaner on county panel & club panel

Eoin Larkin (angry man down the back of the bus) & Darren Booth (goes to every music festival known to man and still thinks he doesn’t get enough time off)


Team mate most likely to be a millionaire?

TJ… road frontage to beat the band!

tj reid

How do you think you will be remembered as a hurler?

That heavy fella that came after Mick Kavanagh


Best hangover cure

Don’t get drunk


Most romantic thing you have ever done

…next question! ?


Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career….

Before the 2012 All Ireland replay, I was saying a few words and trying to rile lads up and as I finished I went to do a token slap of a hurl off some timber for theatrical effect so I let a swipe at the bench behind me that I’d been sitting on. But I didn’t realise that John Tennyson had sat down behind me as I was talking and I connected square with his knee! The recovering cruciate knee to make it worse. I sat back down with my tail between my legs. Sorry Tenno!


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