Exclusive – Kilkenny legend Jackie Tyrrell chats to sportstalk.ie

Kilkenny legend Jackie Tyrrell chats


Describe your career in one word…


Did you always think you would play Senior hurling for Kilkenny?

No, I wasn’t that talented under-age and always had doubts about my ability

Which All Ireland final stands out for you?

2014 Replay, hardest one to win

Have you any regrets from your inter county career?


You mentioned Brother Damien in your retirement statement, how was he such an influence on you?

Shaped me to be the man I am today

How difficult was it to break onto the starting 15? When did you feel you were an established team member?

Yes extremely hard as the panel was very competitive. In 2007 after I won my first All Star

What were the celebrations like after winning an All Ireland? Any good/funny stories?

Amazing feeling and a great week. Ger Aylward drinking Jaeger bombs out of his shoe!!!


What was a normal weekly routine for Jackie Tyrell in mid-Summer around championship time?

Monday – Rest/Recovery, Rehab (Stretching, Foam Rolling, Massage)

Tuesday – Field Session

Wednesday – Gym Session / Recovery, Massage

Thursday – Core, Ball Alley session, Rehab & Swim

Friday – Field Session

Saturday – Stretching, Massage, Rehab Core

Sunday – Field Session


Did you enjoy playing corner back?

Hated it at the start, but soon found out that it was there or nowhere, so learned to love it

What advice would you give a young player about to join the Kilkenny Senior panel for the first time?

Relish the challenge and don’t have making the team being your ultimate goal, getting the best from yourself should be your target and see where that takes you!!

Did you feel pressure as an inter county hurler?

Yes, and especially in my earlier days when I wasn’t playing as well and consistent enough to be a regular starter

What do you think was your best display in a Kilkenny jersey?

2014 All Ireland Replay, I was never as ready for a game

What was it like man-marking Lar Corbett?

Extremely hard, he just needs half a chance to score, so concentration needed to be at a high level for the full game

Have you any plans now you are retired?

Yes, winning the club football All Ireland with the Village (watch out Diarmuid Connolly & Mossy)


What do you think you will miss the most about being an inter county hurler?

Free dinners in Langtons

Did you study your opponents before games? Did you visualise the game beforehand?

Yes I study them closely, positions they take up, which hand they shoot with and movement patterns 

What was it like winning Fitzgibbon cups? What was Davy Fitz like as a manager?

It was great, very hard medal to win. Davy was nuts.

What is Brian Cody like? Did ye have many chats?

He is a very fair, ambitious man and if you don’t meet that ambition you will not be there that long!! Chats, very short and to the point


Quick fire round


Fav other sport: American Football

Toughest opponent: Eoin Kelly

Best after match celebrations: In a car with Paul Murphy, Richie Power, Paddy Hogan from Kilkenny to Dublin with a bottle of vodka and a box of fags (no mixer)

Fav team holiday: Hawaii

Laziest team-mates you hurled with: Richie Power (never ever did 1 pre-season)

Best individual display from a team mate: Eoin Larkin – 2011 county final, 12 shots at target 1-11 scored….enough said

Best individual display from an opposition player: Austin Gleeson (All Ireland Semi Final Replay 2016)

Guilty pleasure: Westlife (Tommy Walsh and I loved doing a duet of flying without wings in Karaoke)!!!


Fav alcoholic drink: Hendricks Gin, Cucumber and Tonic

Perfect date: Jennifer Love Hewitt


Fav songs before a match: Eminem -Til I Collapse, Kasabien – Fire

Fav county jersey: Dublin

Best club moment: Winning Club All Ireland Final in 2005

Worst fashion mistake: Not cutting my hair for 7 months in 2010



Best club player you played with that never played county: Tubious White

Best club player you played against that never played county: Murty Walsh (Tullaroan)

Fav box set: Entourage 

Fav film: Dumb & Dumber

Fav GAA analyst: Larry O Gorman (bring him back)!! 



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