League Predictions with Tommy Walsh


Next up Kilkenny legend Tommy Walsh.

Tommy Walsh

SportsTalk  Who do you think will win Division 1A and 1B?

Tommy Walsh Kilkenny & Clare

ST Who do you think will be top scorer in Division 1 league?

TW TJ Reid

ST Who do you think will be named player of the Allianz National hurling league?

TW Richie Hogan

ST Give a brief summary of how you see the Division 1A and 1B panning out.

TW It will be an interesting league. Looking at last years league it was played at championship pace with no team saving themselves for championship. It is a great place to see how players are geared for the year ahead. For the young players we see if they have the potential to cut it at intercounty and for the more experienced players we find out if they still have the hunger.I expect all teams to take points off each other. Tipperary, Cork and Galway will be eager to impress their new managers, Waterford will be keen to bring their game plan on to the next level, Dublin will be serious about setting a marker for themselves for the championship and Kilkenny will be hungry to make up for last years disappointing league. It sets up for a mouthwatering league.Division 1b will also be mouthwatering with the scramble to gain promotion the main priority. Wexford take every game serious and could cause an upset in this group.

ST What did you think about playing in the National Hurling League?

TW I loved it. Big games every week. What else would you want.

ST When was your national league debut, who was it against and how did it go for you?

TW Waterford in Walsh Park. An enjoyable experience.

ST What’s your best memory from the national hurling league?

TW Winning the 2009 League final in Thurles against Tipperary. One of the games of the decade and it was great to win it.

ST If you could sign another player from another counties for your team, who would you sign and why?

TW Joe Canning because of his strength and skill. He can win matches for you. A game winner.

Joe Canning

ST There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about player burnout, a GAA calendar that is unfair on clubs, getting rid of the under 21 competitions, combining the League and Championship to shorten the year for inter-county players etc What are your opinions on all this and what changes would you suggest to the structure of the GAA calendar?

TW I would have more teams in the divisions. At present because of the promotion/relegation, managers have to put out full strength teams. I would like to see the league as a balance between winning and giving new players chances to prove themselves.

ST Favourite Box Set

TW Blue Bloods

ST Favourite Movie

TW Avatar

ST Toughest Opponent

TW Ben O’Connor

ST Medal you cherish most in hurling

TW 2006 All Ireland

ST What did you love most abut being an intercounty hurler?

TW The matches on Sundays

ST What did you dislike most about been an intercounty hurler?

TW It goes too quick.

ST Favourite holiday destination?

TW Universal Studios Orlando

ST Favourite soccer team?

TW Arsenal

ST If you could be anyone for a day?

TW Tom Brady

Carrots and parsnips?
Carrots and parsnips?

ST Three people you would like to go to dinner with?

TW Tom Brady, Gerry Rice, Michelle Keegan

ST Favorite dinner?

TW Chicken, potatoes, carrots and parsnips and gravy

ST At what age will you retire from club hurling?

TW 40+



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