Mayo God Help Us – ‘The Mayo Curse’


Its brought up every time Mayo makes it to an All Ireland final but it just cant be ignored – the topic of the ‘Mayo Curse’

The legendary curse dates back to 1951 – the last time Mayo won the Sam Maguire. As the team were driving back to Mayo on their victorious drive home they passed through the town of Foxford. Passing through, they neglected to pay proper respect to a funeral taking place in the town. Due to the lack of respect, an enraged local priest cursed the team – while any member of the 1951 team lived, Mayo would never win an All Ireland final.

Circled Padraig Carney (left) and Paddy Prendergast (right)
Circled Padraig Carney (left) and Paddy Prendergast (right)

Just two members of the victorious 1951 Mayo team remain alive today, Padraig Carney and Paddy Prendergast. Since 1951, Mayo have competed in a total of 7 All Ireland finals but failed to lift Sam Maguire. They face Dublin on Sunday 18th September for their 8th All Ireland final since the curse was spelled on them. Can they get this superstitious monkey off their back?


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