McGinn will always be a loyal Tyrone supporter


Although he gave up his chance to play with Tyrone seniors in 2008, Niall McGinn has always followed his county’s progress.
McGinn was speaking on this week’s Sports Talk podcast and told of his friendship with Colm Kavanagh: “I have always kept in close contact with big Colm Kavanagh, who was in my school at secondary school and me and him built up a good friendship over the years. I was always keen to sort of keep an eye on big Colm because obviously he ended up having a good career as well as his brother Sean, who had a brilliant career as well.”
Although he would have looked to tog out for the Tyrone senior team McGinn has no regrets with the path he did take: “I’ve always supported Tyrone and obviously I’d love to have played with Tyrone, obviously in the first team I’d the opportunity at minor level etc. Playing with Tyrone would’ve been brilliant but obviously with things the way they worked out, I had a great opportunity to become a professional footballer and I couldn’t turn that down.”
He praised the work that has been going on within the club scene in Tyrone: “Regards Tyrone year on year they always seem to have an influx of obviously talented players coming through which is good and it shows you the work that clubs are doing throughout Tyrone.”

You can listen to the full interview here: