Meet Irish Surfer Gearoid McDaid single handily flying flag for Ireland


A little bit of sunshine and we are gone from talking and writing about GAA to Surfing eh! Well for good reason let me tell you as this weekend is a special weekend for Professional Irish Surfer Gearoid McDaid. This Saturday night Gearoid is starring in a surfing movie being released at Shore Shots film festival in Sligo.

We spoke with Clem McInerney to tell us a little more… “Misery Loves Company is the name of the movie and features Ireland’s very own professional surfer Gearoid McDaid. Gearoid is a rising international star and is single handily flying the Irish flag in international competitions.

Misery Loves Company is a story of Gearoids winter. It was dark, wet, cold, windy and miserable but we managed to find some perfect surf along the way. This movie was shot over the last 7 months and features some of Ireland’s best waves and most incredible scenery. We are very proud to show our beautiful coast line to the world through our adventures.
We are also very proud to say that we created our very own music for this piece with Conor Crimmins and Dermot Sheedy (of Hermitage Green). These two talented musicians really encapsulated what we were telling through the visuals.”

Many of us in the GAA world will never give out about muddy pitches on a cold dark winter’s night again after seeing Gearoid McDaid brave the elements of the sea to perfect his craft.

Best of luck with the release from all at and we look forward to seeing it.

View Misery Loves Company Movie Trailer Here!

Misery Loves Company | Teaser 2 from Gearoid Mcdaid on Vimeo.


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