“No debate over David Clarke All-Star” Shane Curran



Shane Curran didn’t think there was any debate over the goalkeeper position in the All-Stars. For him the best keeper was David Clarke. He did mention that Stephen Cluxton was an excellent keeper but that an All-Star is picked on the season. What baffled him was nominating both Clarke and Cluxton for Player of the Year.

He believed neither were close to that. On the All-Star position Curran commented on how Clarke played 10 games in the championship at a high level. Whereas for Dublin players you don’t get to see them in many games; semi-finals and finals are where it counts.

He felt Cluxton didn’t do enough this year to get the award ahead of the Mayo net-minder. From a keeper’s perspective the Roscommon man felt Clarke was fantastic and has been for the last number of year.

For Curran it’s not about being the best goalkeeper, it’s about being the best performer and that’s what Clarke was.

Listen in around 5 minute mark of our Super8s Podcast


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