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Why now is the ideal time for Cora to play AFL


Cora Staunton has admitted that now was the best time for her to travel to Australia and play professional football.

In an exclusive interview on this week’s SportsGirls Podcast Cora tells why the decision to go to play AFL was made easier for her: “Decisions for next year with county won’t be made until April but I’m not going to be missing any club match while I’m gone. If I do, it’s maybe the first round of the league here in Mayo. So I’m not going to be missing much”

“She did reveal that if the opportunity had arose 10 years ago she wouldn’t have taken it up. If it was 10 years ago and I was going to be missing a full season, would I have done it? Probably not. I had probably offers when I was in college. We’d won All-Irelands with Mayo at 20/21 to go to America and do financially okay out of it for the Summer”

Staunton went on to say: “I turned all them offers down for a couple of years because if I’d done that, that was my year with Mayo done. Maybe not with club done but probably putting the club under a good bit of pressure. Now when it’s not effecting really anything”

No decision has been made about her inter-county career yet: “Whether I play next year with Mayo, I’ve no decision made.”