O’ hAilpin and Hayes tipping Ireland to retain Cormac McAnallen Cup



Both Sean Og O’ hAilpin and former Clare keeper Joe Hayes believe Ireland have a great chance of retaining the Cormac McAnallen Cup despite being 10 points down after the first test on Sunday.

O h’Ailpin said on this week’s Super 8’s podcast:

“It’s really half-time, so to speak, with the next test in Perth. They gave themselves a bit of a chance. There is a 10 point deficit which is not insurmountable. For me there would be danger signs that if they don’t sharpen up in front of goal, especially the normal Gaelic Football point.”

He believes certain players need to step up in Saturday’s second test:

“A few stand-out players on the Irish side; Conor McManus, fantastic man. He got some points. Michael Murphy put in a great shift as well. They need a good spread of scorers the next day. Other guys need to step up.”

Former Clare keeper Hayes got up to watch the first game due to his former team-mate Gary Brennan being involved:

“To be honest if Gary had not been involved I probably would’ve just recorded it. I got up and watched it. It was disappointing; t’was a disappointing result.”

Hayes played Compromise Rules back in 1999 so have some knowledge about the game:

“I would’ve played Compromise Rules Under 17 back in ‘99. Back then they had an U17 team but it only lasted a couple of years. So I’d have a small bit of knowledge about it.”

Sean Og asked how Hayes how he rated Ireland’s chances in the second test. He said:

“If they can bang the ball into Murphy and McManus. I thought they were the only two really. I thought the two boys were on fire inside.Ireland have to move the ball very fast. I was impressed with the pace of the Aussies and impressed with their football skills. I still think we can make up the deficit; there is goals in Ireland.”




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