O’Dwyer having to play two games in the one day “a bit farcical”


“A bit farcical” is how Sportstalk’s Camogie expert Ger Kinane labelled the situation last weekend that saw Tipperary dual star Orla O’Dwyer play for the Tipp Ladies at 1pm in Nenagh against Kerry in the TG4 All-Ireland Series and then tog out for the Tipp camogs that evening at 5pm at The Ragg.

O’Dwyer’s tough schedule was talked about on this week’s Sportsgirls Podcast. Kinane said: “Why they both had to be on Saturday when one could’ve been on Sunday? I don’t know all the facts, I’m only hearing one side, I suppose. From what I heard the Ladies Football was meant to be the Sunday.”

The word from Tipperary Ladies was the game was changed due to the fact there were siblings on the Kerry men’s and ladies teams and parents wanted to attend both games. Sportstalk’s Deniese O’Flaherty believed the player’s interests were not taken into account at all: “I thought it was about player welfare not parent welfare.”

Deniese went on to say: “Dual stars are a dying breed. Even with the men’s you had players like Dinny Allen. You don’t see it. Eoin Cadagon with Cork but you don’t see too many. The commitment and everything is just far too much.”

This weekend O’Dwyer has both football and camogie again but they are on two seperate days but involve long trips; Tipp play Donegal in the football in Castlerea on the Saturday and then on Sunday the camogs are in Parnell Park to take on Dublin. Ger said: “This weekend the footballers and camogie were down for Saturday but Tipp camogie are now playing Dublin on Sunday. There is nothing you can do this weekend because they are on two different days. But last weekend it shouldn’t have happened, she should not have had to play two games in the one day.”