Pantomime Season — ‘Oh Yes It Is’


With Christmas fast approaching and the season of goodwill to all men can we now look back on the last 12 months and in the tradition of pantomime explore the possible villains and heroes that were thrown up in 2019.

It is not to mock or denigrate anyone but more a light hearted sortie into the more contentious and debatable decisions that flew our way throughout the year and perhaps a slightly satirical slant will make up your mind one way or the other or in the case of many, merely cause more heated debate over the festive season, gladly considered over a glass or three.

The Magic carpet ride of the new tier 2 dominated the year with plenty willing to jump on board while as many more were out with the Henry Hoover to whisk it away in a cloud of dust and dissention. Uachtarain John Horan was at the centre of the storm with many casting him as Jafar, the evil Vizier, trying to keep the poor in their place while making sure the rich got richer, while for others he was their Aladdin who wanted fair play for all. In the end it was the vote of the county Genie that spat out a ‘whole new world’ for many counties in 2020, with John declaring ‘you aint never had a friend like me’. Turkeys voting for Christmas was suggested by the disenchanted but on we plod and over the horizon with a glimmer of hope and the teary eyed reminiscences of the dyed in the wool.

Brexit may be a strange worry for the GAA aficionado but Dick Whittington(Boris) and his Cat(Arlene) have made the separation of the island into EU or not EU an item on many agendas, especially north of Nobber, as our Ulster cousins grapple with the fact that in fact London Bridge is falling down! Clones for Ulster final day maybe a battle of currency instead of a battle on the field and the Wicked Witch of the east may yet rain on the Parade, as opposed to the marching band. Perhaps shekels or punts may make a return, even more so the latter with the attacking pass option now on the menu but Maybe Pussy Boots Leo may intervene before the final curtain.

Mayo and Galway may be contenders for the Ebenezer edition with both in the spotlight for the Bah humbug award on how to use (or not use) someone else’s hard-earned good fortune. He says, I says and all that will do little to allay the fears of the ordinary out upon supporters who are merely looking for a weekend shopping in the capital that doesn’t have to wait for the 8th December . Money worries aside can Tiny Tim Horan or Bob Crachett O’Neill make it a ‘merry Christmas for all’ west of the Shannon.

The Beanstalk keeps getting higher for many counties, especially those outside the Pale in Leinster football with many looking for the magic beans to slay the giant. Hurling though is making a recovery and the Widow Twanky is now a model, a very tenuous link to Davy I idmit, but there seems a competition for the audience attention at least in the small ball game. Eddie could be left off the ‘Laois’ so to speak as well as the minnows look for crumbs for the top table while those who dine there will feel Offaly put out and maybe it’s time to start a major root and branch operation with Prince Charming Duignan leading the renaissance.

For 31 counties the major pantomime baddie is the Dublin juggernaut. Five in a row secured, Jim Gavin and his band of pirates are pillaging the Sam Maguire while all other try to’ Hook’ the prize from their grasp. Dublin ladies too are dominant at the top table with everyone looking for a Peter Pan or even a Tinker belle to storm the bridge and make Captain Jim walk the plank into mediocrity.

A marvelous and historic achievement was not lauded enough say the Jacks, while the Kingdom, the western corsairs and even the Royals put to the sword but in true pantomime fashion…


Written by Journalist Paul Doolin