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progolfirelandOur goal at ProGolf Ireland… is to make every club your favorite club. We are passionate about making sure each player who walks through our doors learns about their equipment and how they can improve their game. We love dissecting clubs to see what is is really made of and why it is or is not good for your game.


We have worked with and helped hundreds upon hundreds of amateur and pro golfers of all skill levels, and are confident that we can pass on some of our expertise club-fitting and building knowledge. It is this knowledge that will allow you to get the most out of your game.

At ProGolf Ireland we pride ourselves in having knowledge of aftermarket shafts that is second to none. This allows us to not only pick out the right shafts to maximize golfing performance, but also allow us to explain why we selected that particular shaft.

Our fitters greatly understand the variables that need to be considered when selecting equipment. We want to fit you into the right equipment for your game so you will then go out and tell your friends about us!

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