REFIX THE GAME: A great PR opportunity for Ladies Football or Camogie across the pond.


This is not right, against the spirit of our games and not what the GAA is about. Players should be respected especially in the lead up to a final, something they have been working towards all year. Simple solution and a great PR exercise for one of the bodies across the pond to earn some kudos and respect of the GAA family.

This weekend’s action over the pond in London and York would have went unnoticed only for the recent tweet from Kilkenny star Eoin Murphy. Eoin a master in the goals for Kilkenny, shed light on the deliemma his sister Helen Murphy was in with the same day fixing of the Camogie & Ladies Football finals. Helen and a number of others are participating in both alas 200 miles apart.

As we said a great opportunity for either the Ladies Football or Camoige boards to be the first to re-fix the game and earn the respect of the GAA family both in Ireland, across the pond and the keyboard warriors.