Sean Og O’hAilpin admits can anyone compete with Dublin in Leinster?


For Sean Og O’hAilpin the shock result of the GAA Championship last weekend was Carlow beating Kildare in the Leinster Senior Football Championship.

Longford also defeated Meath so two of the so-called traditional counties in Leinster are out of the championship as Dublin look to claim their 8th successive Leinster title. O’hAilpin questioned where Kildare were at at this moment.

He said: “The shock result of the weekend was Kildare going down to Carlow. No one foresaw that coming. It just begs the question “where are Kildare now at, at this stage?” People were looking at Kildare as being like the next team in Leinster to give Dublin a bit of a run or they might have the personnel to give Dublin some run. Fair play to Carlow. They certainly didn’t read the script.”

Although the big teams are out of the Leinster championship O’hAilpin was delighted to see the minnows getting those results: “People are on about the big teams like Kildare going down, where does that leave Leinster football? But when you have the minnows getting results that is what the championship is all about. That’s what makes the championship. On any given day you have the chance to upset the apple cart.”

There are people who would have the opposite view to O’hAilpin. He said: “I think what’s getting at people more is that they want to see Dublin being tested in Leinster. There are a few teams traditionally that can compete with Dublin or they might have a chance. Carlow are Longford – who had a great win over Meath – realistically, are they going to do any better. What chance do they have against Dublin.”

He believes no one can compete with Dublin in Leinster: “They are just untouchable. It just looks like the other Leinster counties from the evidence we seen and the results we have seen so far they ain’t going to get within an asses roar of Dublin.”


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