Shane Curran: Cancel Netflix here’s 5 GAA Story-lines to follow in coming weeks


The GAA season is heating up now and many of us GAA fans are purring with the notion of being involved in the business end of a fantastic 2017. There are so many story lines and headlines about to unfold in the coming weeks we said we’d have a little fun highlighting some of them. I promise you shut down Netflix and tune into GAA for the next coming weeks as we get ready for a bumper end to the GAA season

  1. Mayo’s Great Wait

Mayo’s rocky road through the qualifiers sees them face The Rossies in two weeks time. They have been heavily wounded right throughout their qualifier campaign but the ship has been firmly kept on course by the mighty spirit of the Aidan O’Shea and his men. A little early to be speaking All Ireland but a trip back to Croke Park will see many a GAA supporter hop on the adventure again. My friends at released a video this morning highlighting “The Great Wait” and I must say its painful to watch, I suggest the Mayo men stay clear of it altogether. Interesting to see how my faithful Rossie comrades fair against a battled hardened Mayo in a couple of weeks, will the qualifiers prove too much this year for Mayo?


  1. The Return of the King

A certain St Vincent’s man will be making his long awaited return in a couple of weeks, and boy what a reception he’ll get from the Hill. All eyes are currently on UFC madman Conor McGregor’s every move but rest assure when the young Dublin man returns all GAA eyes will switch to Diarmuid Connelly. No need for hyped up press conferences laced with foul disgusting language to lure fans into this one. Everyone secretly loves a bad boy and the good GAA public will be secretly hoping Connelly returns a wiser, driven man ready for the closing battles.


  1. Destiny awaits Galway

League Champions, Leinster Champions, now for the holy grail. Galway footballers I am not talking about no. The route to All Ireland Glory just got real following today’s fixture announcements for Galway Hurlers. Tipperary yes will be waiting in the long grass but Galway are a different animal this season and having easily dispatched them in the League Final will have no fear going into their August date. Joe Canning will be desperate to end his All Ireland hoodoo and with great excitement currently in the West many feel its on. Galway are much like Cork a revelation this season and no one could begrudge them a trophy grand slam come September.


  1. 1959

1959 the last time Waterford got a visit from a then young Liam McCarthy. Waterford are a team you love to hate but just cannot especially with the likes of Austin Gleeson, Tadhg De Burca and the ageless Brick Walsh on show. Tadhg De Burca may have to write a couple of hundred lines before being allowed play the next game but nevertheless they won’t fear the emerging rebels. Many will feel happier to have got the Cork boys as they maybe are a little bit more experienced and the other semi final will guarantee one of the early season favourites for Liam will be knocked out. The whole debate around Tadg will take up a few column inches over the coming days and may prove to be a welcome distraction as they plot the rebels assassination.


  1. Will the spotlight shine again down Leeside?

Cork hurlers have been the story of the summer so far with their spell bounding displays on their way to Munster Glory. Last weekends opening of the glorious Pairc ui chaoimh and fantastic display from Cork Footballers has yet again brought positive headlines rebel direction. The stickmen will feed off those positive vibes and remain focused on playing one championship match at a time. They won’t be too disappointed by the draw and will be watching closely events unfold surrounding Tadhg De Burca in the coming days. Exciting times for the young rebel fans with pride restored and Pairc ui chaoimh well capable now of hosting the return of Liam McCarthy Party.

Shane Curran


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