Former Tipperary All Star Shane McGrath reveals all in Sportstalk Star Secrets

Shane McGrath Sportstalk Star Secrets

What was/is your favourite….


GAA Pitch – Thurles

Position on hurling pitch -  Midfield

County jersey (not your own) - Tyrone

Song to listen to before a game - Adagio for strings

Holiday destination – Columbia

Motivational movie- Coach Carter

Chick flick – 10 things I hate about you

Big hurling win celebrations- 2010 final

Other sport – Soccer

Medal won – North intermediate hurling

Score a team-mate scored- Eoin Kelly goal v cork 2008

Hurling cliché – Game of 2 halves

Guilty pleasure – S Club 7

Quote – Believe in yourself

Woman on TV – Jennifer Aniston

Other sporting event attended – NFL Patriots v Pittsburgh 2014

What’s app group you are in – Club

App – Duolingo

Podcast - Today FM Gift grub

Sports web site -


Reveal all….


What did you eat on the day of a big match?

Chicken, pasta before, burgers and chips after.


Advice to young players starting out on their inter county career?

Go to America or travelling before you get into it. Time flies.


What do you miss the most about being an inter county hurler?

Big day buzz in Croker and Garda escorts.


What would you do different if you had a chance to start over again?

Not put myself under as much pressure and learn how to perfect the guns for match days!!


If you could go back to one inter county game, which game would you go back to and why?

2008 V Cork. Buzz was unreal, crowd was massive out on the field and all. Played well too!!


Most annoying person you follow on snap chat & twitter 

Piers Morgan/Bubbles O Dwyer!!!


 Person you would recommend to follow on snap chat & twitter 

Amy Huberman/ Me


Who is the best manager you ever had? Why?

Liam Sheedy – always made you feel you were the best on and off the pitch.


Best club player that has never played inter county?

Ger Grace – Ballinahinch


Which county team-mates did you hate marking in training?

Bonner and Foxy (Conor O’Brien)..filthy!!!


3 celebrities you would like to have dinner with

Tom Brady

Jennifer Aniston

Donal Trump


Best advice you ever got

Never eat yellow snow.


Funniest thing you have watched on you tube - 

Fintan dog clip


If you could be one person for a day who would you be - 



Most embarrassing moment playing hurling –

Underage, won the throw in and leathered the ball straight over the bar in our own goals!!!


Did you get nervous before big games?

Of course, nerves were good though, got energy from them.


How do you think you will be remembered as a hurler?

Worked hard gave it my all, not a bad stickman


Best hangover cure?



Most romantic thing you have ever done?

Proposed to my wife in the Grand Canyon after a helicopter ride to the bottom of it.


What is the best invention ever?

I phone without doubt!!


Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career…. 

We were given a food diary to fill out. My team mate (Foxy) didn’t have time to do his before we got on the road to go training so he asked me to do it!!!

I filled in bowl of sliotars for breakfast with a glass of badger’s milk.

Our dietician didn’t realise I did it for Foxy and gave half the day looking through the internet to find out what cereal a bowl of sliotars was and what was the protein value of a glass of badger’s milk!!!! She was none too pleased when she found out!!!

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