Sportstalk announce Medel Healthcare as new advertising partner


In recent times everyone is adequately aware the Covid-19 restrictions have left the best of us a little bamboozled. It has seen our sporting lives turned upside down with little light appearing at the end of the tunnel. Despite the grinding to a halt of all sports we cover have been working extensively on a project which was due for announcement on March 25th.

Alas owing to the restrictions it has taken us a little longer to seal the deal but we are delighted to now announce our partnership with Medel Healthcare. Medel Healthcare and Sportstalk have been in negotiations for over 2 years now on a topic that is dear to both parties and that is Cardiac Health Screening for Sports Athletes.

Almost all of our crew at Sportstalk are working not only on the media side of sports but also in coaching teams. We have a few crew members that are still in their playing outfits but something that has came to our attention over recent years is the quantity of workouts or training sessions.

We simply feel that if you are going to gallop 20 to 30 athletes around a field, 3 maybe 4 times a week for 9 months a season, we need to know that their main muscle is up for the task.

The other question we ask “Are coaches or management looking after their own health?. We have first hand experience of coaching a team for over a year and while you don’t miss a session, piling on the pounds is real as you yourself are not getting any proper exercise.

Over the next year we will be looking forward to our partnership with Medel Healthcare from bringing informative content to watching how teams get on with the screens.

To Learn more about Medel Healthcare or in fact prepare a screen for your team check out

More details to follow