Best 15 “Nicknamed” County Hurlers.


Known for their nicknames and skill theses hurlers will be best remembered lighting up the championships even if their birth names didn’t. It’s best 15 nicknamed hurlers.


  1. Tony “Thaudy” Reddin- Galway
  2. Conor “Foxy” O Brien – Tipperary
  3. Diarmuid “Rock” O Sullivan -Cork
  4. Philip “Fan” Larkin -Kilkenny
  5. Terrance “Sambo” McNaughton- Antrim
  6. Michael “Brick” Walsh – Waterford
  7. Liam “Chunky” O Brien – Kilkenny
  8. Michael “Babs” Keating -Tipperary
  9. James “Cha” Fitzpatrick – Kilkenny
  10. Michael “Hopper” McGrath -Galway
  11. Pj “Fingers” O Connell- Clare
  12. John “Bubbles” O Dwyer- Tipperary
  13. Aidan “Taggy” Fogarty -Kilkenny
  14. .Martin “Gorta” Comerford -Kilkenny
  15. Ger “Sparrow” O Loughlin – Clare


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