Sportstalk Star Secrets – Former Tipperary All Ireland winner – Conor “Foxy” O’ Brien

Sportstalk Star Secrets Conor


What is your Favourite…….

TV Programme – First Dates, very funny at moment

Box set – Game of Thrones

GAA Pitch – Club Hurling – Dundrum, Inter county – Pairc ui Chaoimh

Position on hurling pitch – wing back/midfield

County jersey (not your own) – Mayo


Football team – I support Good Football

Song to listen to before a game – Not a man for the iPod or Walkman but 2 songs used to be played on buses to matches, Something Inside so Strong and ‘Redemption Song’

Holiday destination – San Diego

Other sport – Rugby

Medal won – U21 West Championship Eire Og 2006, as a group we won nothing up along and to finally win a Title with the lads I grew up with was really special. A game that has been played out in a many a pub around the parish since. It was also a re-incarnation of the Hell’s Kitchen full back line with the 3 O Dwyer’s, it was dangerous to play with them never mind against them.

Hurling cliché – Two hands on the Hurley

Quote – Work hard, Play Hard

Woman on TV- Eva Mendes


GAA analyst – Cyril Farrell

Other sporting event attended- Washington Redskins vs San Diego Chaegers 2009 NFL, a game took place as well I believe

Whats app group you are in: Club, Work, Eire Og U6 coaches (massive backroom team)

Radio show you listen to: Ian Dempsey in the morning as much as I can

Podcast Gift Grub

Sports web site:



Reveal all………..


What do you eat on match day?

Crowe Meats Sausages and Rashers for breakfast, Chicken and Pasta pre match and probably Pizza or an Indian after

Advice to young players

 Enjoy it as much as you can and don’t put pressure on yourself

Best individual display you ever saw from a team mate (club & county)

Seamie Callanan 2015 vs Galway, nearly won that game by himself for us. Two with club, 1) brother Ronan vs Moneygall 2007 relegation semi final, scored something like 12 points on a losing team 7 or 8 from play and 2) John Quinn vs Moycarkey 2006 County Intermediate Final scored 2-4 at the tender age of 41. Still going strong at moment training with Senior team at home but in fairness why wouldn’t he, he’s only 52 during the summer.

What’s your idea of a romantic date with the other half?

I would be very romantic in fairness??but it would be as simple as getting out for the night, nice meal and few glasses of wine, it’s the simple pleasures.

If you could change one rule in hurling, what would you change?

None, fine the way it is.

Most annoying person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Colm Parkinson on Twitter and my work colleague Ray Roche on snapchat

Best person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Eamon McGee on Twitter is entertaining

Apart from current county manager, who is the best manager you ever had?

Very hard to mention one without the other both Liam Sheedy and Eamon O Shea were two brilliant men who would give you massive belief in your ability

Best club player that has never played inter county?

Brian Fox could easily have played senior hurling with Tipp


Team mate mostly likely to have his own TV show –

Gar Ryan it’s his aim in life really

3 celebrity’s you would like to have dinner with

Probably skip dinner and a few pints with Klopp, Mourinho and Ferguson would be good craic I’d say

Best advice you ever got

Trust yourself

Funniest thing you have watched on you tube

Your man running naked into the glass screen is brilliant

If you could be one person for a day who would you be?

A teacher, would be like a half day for the rest of us.

Most embarrassing moment playing hurling – I got an awful roasting one day in Nowlan Park off Colin Fennelly and I was fairly embarrassed about it now. Although in fairness he got one goal where I ran for a hand pass from Shane McGrath but instead of hand passing the ball Shane decided to put up a ‘garryowen’ with his trustee left boot from the end line as all good wing backs do. I didn’t anticipate the ‘kick and chase’ and Fennelly caught the ball inside the 14 and buried it in the top corner and I was taken off shortly after. From that time on anytime Shane McGrath got the ball I was ready for the ‘garryowen’ but I can’t for the life of me figure out why he never tried it again?

Biggest moaner on county panel & club panel –

Darren Gleeson and Donal O Dwyer

3 team mates you would bring with you to a desert island –

Shane McGrath for the laugh, Brendan Maher for the music and Gar Ryan to give him a hand with the idea for the TV programme

3 team mate you wouldn’t bring to a desert island – 

Noel McGrath, Bubbles and Eoin Kelly, I’ve hit them all too many times in training and I’m afraid they’d gang up on me

Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career….

Looking back on it now, I remember one year we were having our last training session before we played Kilkenny in an All-Ireland semi-final and the manager came up to me when we were pucking around before training. He told me I will probably be picking up Shefflin on Sunday. I just said yeah I’m looking forward to it now, but they move around a fair bit so could be on anyone. He’s reply to me was ‘well if I was them that’s where I would put him’ and just walked off, done my confidence the world of good I must say.



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