Sportstalk Star Secrets – Galway hurling captain David Burke


Sportstalk caught up with Galway hurling captain David Burke



What is your Favourite………………


TV Programme – Power

Box set – Game of Thrones

GAA Pitch – Croke Park 

Position on hurling pitch – Midfield

County jersey (not your own) – Mayo

Football team – Liverpool

Song to listen to before a game – Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’

Holiday destination – Dubai

Other sport – Golf

Medal won – All Ireland Club 2013

Hurling cliché – there’s great breeding in that lad….

Quote – Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard

Woman on TV- Miriam O’ Callaghan

GAA analyst – Eddie Brennan

Other sporting event attended- Cheltenham Gold Cup 

What’s app group you are in- The Bishop

Radio show you listen to- Today FM

Podcast- Off the Ball Newstalk 

Sports web site –



Reveal all…………

What do you eat on match day?

Depends on time of match but porridge and poached eggs with an odd rasher thrown in for breakfast and a light lunch, pasta/rice/potato and chicken.

Advice to young players

Keep working hard on the skills of the game away from the training ground, you are never a finished article.

Best individual display you ever saw from a team mate

Conor Cooney’s display against Loughgiel Shamrocks in the 2013 All Ireland Club Semi Final Drawn match in Parnell Park.

what’s your idea of a romantic date with the other half?

Not a clue because I have never brought her on one!! Dinner, Ice Cream and popcorn can never be too far wrong though?

If you could change one rule in hurling, what would you change?

2 points for a side-line and 3 on the line for a penalty.

Most annoying person, you follow on snap chat & twitter

Colm Callanan

Best person you follow on snap chat & twitter

Carmen Jorda & Ian Poulter

Apart from current county manager, who is the best manager you ever had?

I’ll have to say the Father John

Best club player that has never played inter county?

Cathal Burke

Team mate mostly likely to have his own TV show?

Joe canning – Bachelors walk or something along the lines of that.

3 celebrities’ you would like to have dinner with?

Richie McCaw, Gigi Hadid and Denzel Washinghton

Best advice you ever got?

Find the balance between winning and losing, Hurling is only a game! Hard work doesn’t always pay off buts it’s great when it does so enjoy it.

Funniest thing you have watched on you tube?

Myself and Gerald Kelly do enjoy watching D’unbelievables……never gets old!!

If you could be one person for a day who would you be?

The Pope

Biggest moaner on county panel & club panel

Sean Skehill – Club

Conor Whelan – County

3 team mates you would bring with you to a desert island

Davy Glennon, Daithi Burke, Paul Killeen purely for enjoyment purposes

3 team mate you wouldn’t bring to a desert island – 

Conor Whelan, Sean Skehill, Cathal Burke they would just give out all the time

Tell us about a funny story from your hurling career….

When I got my first taste of junior B hurling with St. Thomas’ at the age of 15 we had a few decent heavy hitters at the time and all funny stories revolve around junior games no doubt but one particular game we played Padriag Pearses in a championship match down in Ballymac and the other team won a penalty and there was 3 on the line at the time too but as the opposing player went to pick and strike the sliotar our stalwart of a corner back Damien Kelly ran from outside the D and flicked the sliotar away and proceeded to play on  as the other player was about to strike. Totally illegal what he did in terms of hurling rules BUT would thought he was allowed do what he did. They eventually retook penalty and only got a point and our corner back is reminded of it still to this day.

Had to be there moment really!!


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